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Welcome to The MABAS 43 PEER Support Team

Providing assistance to first responders and their families

Need Assistance? Reach Out today!

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Thank you for visiting the MABAS 43 Peer Support Team Website. 
Our team is dedicated to serving the First Responders in and around our community. Our team consists of 20 First Responders from all facets. Established in January 2020 our team has responded to almost 60 requests for service as well as responded to numerous tragedies to support local responders involved. Our team is passionate about the future of our First Responder community. We work to support those struggling with mental health issues associated with the difficulties we all face on a daily basis. If you, a coworker, a loved one, or just a First Responder you know is struggling with mental health issues… Don’t wait. Call us today. Let us help you start the healing process.
Remember. It’s okay… To not be okay…

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The MABAS 43 Team is always looking for more ways to reach and help our local First Responders. We are excited about our next chapter and future member. Meet Georgia. Georgia has been approved and accepted to attend a local school that will help certify her as a Therapy Service dog. She will attend her training over the next year beginning at the end of October. We will update everyone with her progress and achievements, as well as information on what roles Georgia will serve. We are so excited to add another tool in the toolbox of help those that help others. Thank you to all of you for supporting our mission.

South Park Psychology

South Park Psychology has partnered with the MABAS 43 PEER Support Team to provide any assistance requested by First Responders. Dr. Vincent is very involved with the Team and provides education and input on a regular basis. With 25 providers, they are able to provide the assistance that our first responders and their families may need.